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What are the icons in the table header for?

Use this table to send an email to the people listed.

In most cases, wherever Sussex Direct lists a group of people - staff or students - in a table, you can send an email to the people listed by clicking on the icon in the table header. Make sure that the whole list is displayed, by clicking on the '+' sign in the bottom righthand corner of the table, if necessary. Then click the icon.

If you would prefer to use your normal email package, click on the Use Local Email Client button.

For groups of students, Sussex Direct sets the 'To' field to 'nobody' and places the student names in the 'Bcc' field. This provides anonimity for the students.

To exclude somebody from the email, untick the box next to their name.  Please note that unticking does not affect the list of email addresses sent to your local email client by the Use Local Email Client button.

To add recipients, enter their email addresses in the text boxes included in the 'Cc' or 'Bcc' sections. If you need to add more recipients than the number of boxes presented, you can enter multiple addresses into one text box, separating each with a comma.

To attach a file, click on the 'Browse...' button. This will allow you to find the file on your computer. Each file should be a maximum of 2MB in size.

To send the email, click on the 'Send' button in the table header. You will then see confirmation that your email has been sent.

The Sussex Direct emailer does not recognise certain heavily formatted characters, for example some MS Word smart tags. So if you want to copy and paste parts of Word documents into the emailer, in Word you should select 'Options' from the 'Tools' menu and untick 'Smart tags.'

Please beware of the University's policy on the misuse of email:


For help with Sussex Direct, please consult the BIS FAQ or contact the IT Service Desk.

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